White feather & Ori

Language of the Soul

music for healing & meditation

A journey through sound , bringing the new energy of awakening to our true nature.  A healing treasure of a musical meditative journey, Amazing Vocals, Crystal Bowls,  African Harp, Hang Drum, Sansula and Native American Flute.

White Feather and Ori are an international musicians / therapists, facilitators and teachers in Europe and in their Centre resides in the Sagol Eco village in Israel, where they host and teach intensive courses and training therapists in a new field of Sound healing method they developed called REMEMBRANCE, using the 13 chakra's of creation and  sound to create a change and a deep healing through the use of voice and crystal bowls.



White FeatherMusician, a voice healer using crystal bowls, an entrepreneurial in Israel, develops the Rememberance modality. A member of the international sound healing therapists (SHA)

Ori: An Artist, musician, music therapist playing unique instruments (Harp, hang drum, Senatoor, Native American flute, lyre, African harp sansoola and more ...)
White and Ori:  A couple for over 18  years and live with their  two daughters intheir Spiritual center-Sagol Eco village in Israel. They have founded andproduced 'SAGOL FESTIVAL' - the first and largest spiritual festival in Israel. Today they are teching in their  school "Sound & Spirit" in their center and a round the world.
Their Sound Healing Music is sold around the world.

Recently they created The four projects of  "21 Day Journey"
of  spiritual grouth through Sound Healing and Meditaions
 to connect to the Vibrations of -  LOVE, ABUNDANCE,
Please sign and recieve Sound Healing GIFT
The Pristly Blessing-  A powerfull Hebrew Mantra For Healing

You are welcome to join us any time at our home,
or invite us to teach and prefform in your events.
We bless you to be touched  by sound,
in your journey for change and awakening.

White Feather & Ori