Welcome from White & Ori



Experiencing clarity and balance, remembering your soul frequency Using Sound Healing that crosses the mind and go straight to communicating with your soul !

Welcome :) It's time to raise your frequency, to make the change you've been waiting for!

The key to change our life and our world is Authenticity!
Your inner soul's voice to be who you truly are and to be willing to feel and live your life fully.
We are here to remind you what you already know deep within you ...
And to support your journey to self-love.

Remembrance is the realization of the one source of love that is inside each and every one of us,
And all that love, abundance, health and beauty of that source is within you this moment!
Sound helps us to go beyond our disbeliefs, Straight to our heart, hence communicating within our soul to awaken us to our true purpose.

Healing with crystal bowls

Healing frequencies with the crystal bowl

The idea of using sound as a healing tool is an ancient knowledge used within almost every ancient culture on thisקערות קריסטל planet. It is actually the oldest method of healing as we know it. In the past years, sound has been used in many researches, scientific and medical. Finding a new field called "vibration healing".
One of the most vibration tools in this healing is our voice and the crystal bowls, using our voice , we vibrate from the inside, with the right intention we can heal ourselves .

The crystal bowls that We use are made of 99.9% of pure crystal quartz, They can be used to balance energies in the enteric, mental and physical bodies. The bowl create a spiral of energy that can be used for healing , enhancing meditation state, calming ,awakening creativity, strengthening relations , cleansing the aura and expanding consciousness.

It is possible to receive a treatment also in water to enhance your experience, as for water is a powerful medium for sound.

Healing  Frequencies- The Future Medicine 

Healing frequencies workshops seminars and treatments, take place on sagol- eco village and in our travels.
on this weekend's you shell experience the crystal bowls on all our energy centers called also the chakra's, through floating in water, sound , meditation and voice healing.

Frequencies or vibrations are the keys that open us to a higher consciousness. when we raise our frequency through sound, the energy of fire is lit within us; it is the energy of life and creativity, this make the dense old energy to flood so it may be healed.
Sound is offering us a golden opportunity to travel inside our own world and reconnect to our deep source.

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The Pristly Blessing-  A powerfull Hebrew Mantra For Healing

Language of the Soul
music for healing & meditation

A journey through sound , bringing the new energy awakening our true nature.  A healing treasure of a musical meditative journey, Amazing Vocals, Crystal Bowls,  African Harp, Hang Drum, Sansula and Native American Flute, including avocal chakra meditation.




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