White Feather & Ori

An International Musicians / therapists, facilitators and teachers in Israel and around the world
_MG_6813 founders of Remembrance Academy, where they teach intensive courses and training therapists in a new field of Sound healing Modality they developed called REMEMBRANCE, this study is about the use of sound to create a change and a deep healing through using our voice and the healing crystal bowls, made of 99.9% quartz crystal.
Remembrance Modality is The first training in the world integrating the 13th frequency of creation, sacred geometry, voice and crystal bowls to activating the DNA light codes.

Developers of "Journey 21", process of activating love and abundance frequencies, and "Journey 21" to activate your Soul purpose.

All their courses are accompanied by their sound healing music.

White Feather & Ori are entrepreneurs in Israel, and founded the first spiritual festival in 2000,
in Israel "Sagol" and lead it for 11 years.

And in these days they are managing the remembrance academy In Israel and in France, teaching and preforming all over the world.

They lead a musical project called "Sound & Spirit project" –  a unique meditative performance in which all participants experience healing through music.

They released 2 sound healing Albums with their music:  Singing the "language of the soul" without using words and now are working on a new album of Hebrew Mantras.

Their musical Instruments:  Crystal Bowls, harp, hang drums, Persian Santur, Native American flute, lyre, an African harp, Indian Sitar, Sansula and singing.

Eight years ago, after a deep journey of introspection,
White Feather, had a remembrance experience that changed their life completely. In that experience she released her identity of the old self and experienced total bliss of oneness.

In those days she found the music of the soul and received a healing modality. Named after her experience "Remembrance" , Using her voice and the crystal bowls she opened new channels realizing we are all one vibrational consciousness.

"Our mission is to remind every human being the beauty of their divine self, and to remember they are souls, having a human experience"

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